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A solid plan is the Answer…

...whenever the question is to improve your condition!

Do you quickly become out of breath while exercising or even walking up a flight of stairs? Is your energy level chronically low? With our 6 week program Desire-GetMoved, we establish a step-by-step routine to improve your physical condition. Within the training sessions, the exercises we propose will first help you breathe properly and develop a better resting heart rate. Then, we use an effective combination of mobility and conditioning techniques to reach your goals and see results.

— Alain Mendy

Fitness is the Answer…

...whenever the question is your physical shape!

Have you been struggling to lose weight while also trying several diets, to only return to the same point again? Great results are real when you are able to sustain them and make them into a lifestyle. With our program, Desire-GetLean, combined a proper nutrition plan, you will reach your results and ensure their longevity.

— Alain Mendy

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Nutrition is a key we understand better

Why a Diet doesn't work?

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of diet prescriptions? You see results in the first four weeks, but by the end it is impossible to follow the restrictions for 3 months, 6 months or even a year. With our programs Lifestyle-Jobspecific or GeneticandHormonespecific, we provide you the opportunity to know how to eat mindfully and fuel your body with the right food, while still enjoying your life.

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